Silver Lining Jewelry & Loan "Gives You More!"

PawnTalk borrow money on stuff (jewels, tv , stereos, guitars... etc) sell something (say goodbye to it) buy something (say hello to it)

Hawk...hmmmmm...used to mean to it's kinda like a "buy back' thing (we don't do that)...more on that later.... borrow...see Pawn COME BACK and PAY for your pawned stuff ( we really like this one)

Renew...To buy more time on your loan...(this is one of our FAVORITES!!!) buy something and make monthly payments on it until it is paid for. go past your due date on a pawned item...(then it is mine to sell...don't let this happen to you)

Interest....Fee we charge for loaning you money (it's only 3% per month, okay.).

Set-up Fee...Fee we charge for loaning you money (It's 10% of the loan amount(principal) up to a max of $100.00.

Nics Fee....A charge that the gov'ment gets for the background check when you REDEEM your firearm (right now it is $10.00).

VS1,VS2..H,I..Inclusion....Terms to describe the traits of a diamond. (I prefer "pretty" or "yecch")

Alf....Alien Life Form...aka Gordon Shumway...a little guy from Melmak. get your money back when you are not happy with what you BUY. (we give ya 30 days to decide)

Customer Service...Something we do BETTER than anyone else!!!

2122 NE Sandy
Portland, OR 97232
Tel: (503) 813-9273
Fax: (503) 813-9275
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